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Why Smart?

It’s the software solution that allows you to get clever running your business.

It enables you to deliver to your exacting customer requirements whilst increasing efficiency, reducing costs and minimising risk for you. And it works because it’s been specifically designed for service providers by service providers. This means you can rest assured it contains all of the elements required to instantly and effectively manage your service delivery obligations – whatever the requirement.

With its comprehensive suite of powerful back office and mobile applications providing an unparalleled breath of scope and depth of functionality coupled with extensive customisation opportunities it really is the ultimate solution. Perfectly suited for any type of service business. It’s not just Smart, it’s your very own service genius.


Smart has the inherent agility and flexibility which enables you to adapt quickly to business change and meet the exact needs of your organisation.  Client specific processes can be applied in the system in minutes allowing you to provide the tailored solutions they demand - without compromising efficiency, quality and productivity. You can, of course, take Smart as an ‘off the shelf’ product complete with pre-configured best practice processes so you can get to work straight away.


Smart provides an end-to-end capability working across your entire service organisation – all in one integrated solution. Smart gives you complete control over your processes, giving you the ability to plan, monitor, understand and respond to the needs of your customers, suppliers, and business partners with ease.


Smart fits any size of business from SME to Global organisation – including multi-language and multi-currency capabilities. Its robust technology can effortlessly handle millions of database transactions and 1 - 1000's of users, from SME's to global organisations.


Fully web based and browser independent, Smart can be accessed securely from anywhere in the world by you, your customers and suppliers - all you need is an internet connection. Because it is web based it also means you don’t need to worry about onerous I.T. hardware requirements or time consuming and expensive roll outs. Our mobile applications also run on Android iOS or Windows Mobile giving you the power to choose the right mobile device for your needs.


As well as standard reports with every module, Smart features peerless, enhanced business analytic information. Performance stats are instantly visible via in-depth dashboard reporting, while traffic light SLA indicators drive performance across all areas. Key information can instantly be analysed and reviewed in order to make informed decisions on critical business issues.


Smart integrates fully with other business applications and seamlessly shares information with existing systems, creating a synergy across all business processes, reducing effort, risk of error and providing total visibility for you.

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