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Inventory & Stock Management

Inventory and Stock Management is a thorough and comprehensive module that allows you to manage your complete stock process including purchasing and warehouse management. With real-time stock information available throughout the business, management of suppliers is improved and dead stock value is dramatically reduced. Itemised and serialised stock is efficiently allocated to multiple locations and assigned to specific suppliers or customers.

(Smart) adds efficiencies to our day to day running...which ensures the most cost effective and efficient solution."

- Unicomp

25%reduction in inventory carrying costs and improved warehouse management


Streamlined stock, parts and purchasing processes
Dead stock value reduced through intelligent stock management
Increased efficiency through real time stock information throughout the business
Improved management of suppliers

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Forecasting and automatic re-order calculations
Complete management of itemised and serialised parts
Full purchase order management including authorisation routes
Barcoded stock and RFID capabilities
Warehouse & vehicle stock management
Shelf life management
Itemised cost and warranty trails
Purchase invoice management


Our interfaces have been designed to be as Smart and intuitive as our software. Take a look here:

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