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Ramp up performance with FirstRamp: Zafire’s ground-breaking software solution for Ground Handlers

November 17, 2022
An aerial view of a widebody Boeing 777 parked at an international airport terminal jet bridge with airport ground equipment visible on the tarmac.
Supporting every aspect of ground operations and launched in 2017, FirstRamp is Zafire’s end-to-end software solution for Ground Handlers.

In a highly competitive market, FirstRamp (Zafire’s end-to-end software solution supporting every aspect of ground operations and launched in 2017) gives Ground Handlers the competitive edge. We’ll let our numbers do the talking:

  • Over 2 million flights managed.
  • 65+ airports.
  • 3000+ users.

When you’re providing a complex and comprehensive ground handling service which has to delight your customers, system simplicity is the ultimate sophistication (to paraphrase Leonardo da Vinci, a pioneering #AvGeek if ever there was one!).  FirstRamp delivers on simplicity for Ground Handlers without compromise to customer service.  It’s a truly comprehensive software solution, enabling elite performance in:

We’ve been keeping our ears to the ground and our eyes to the skies, and we know a thing or two about the challenges Ground Handlers are facing across the industry, and we’re here to help!  If continuous improvement is a key value for your business, you’re bound to be mulling over some if not all of the following questions:

  • How do you ensure you’re sufficiently agile and responsive to adapt to changing flight schedules?   
  • How do you guarantee you’re getting the (often reduced) workforce and the equipment in the right place at the right time? 
  • How do you procure the right technology not just to increase efficiency, but also to keep up to date with industry best practice? 
  • How do you evolve to cope with increasing airport capacity to handle more cargo in the airplane belly? 
  • How do you reduce aircraft turnaround times to reduce fuel consumption and achieve environmental sustainability goals?

It’s quite simple, really: FirstRamp is the future-proofed answer to all of these questions.  It equips Ground Handlers to react immediately to change requirements, to optimise resource planning, to implement and scale up or down, as required, in incredibly short timescales, and to manage turnaround tasks efficiently and effectively.

But that’s not all!  Our customers consistently provide highly complimentary feedback about many other elements of FirstRamp:

  • Deployment is speedy, and hubs or stations can be set up within a day.
  • Full compliance with SLAs is consistently enabled.
  • Revenue leakage is minimised as every ad hoc service is captured.
  • Human error is eradicated by the automation of paper-based, manual processes.
  • Costs are minimised as the SaaS model operates on a cost-per-flight basis.
  • Reporting is consistent across all hubs worldwide.
  • Integrations with other software solutions enable superior service to customers.

For further information about FirstRamp or to pre-book a one-to-one meeting at #GHIAnnual with a member of the expert team at Zafire email Lou Read, or call Lou on +44 (0) 1295 701 810.

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