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Exceptional customer service in focus: developing a repair portal and service management system for Fujifilm’s savvy customers

October 18, 2022
A photo of the Fujifilm customer portal displayed on a tablet.

Fujifilm’s customer portal open on a tablet device.

Over the years, across Europe and worldwide, Fujifilm has developed an outstanding reputation in the public eye for its innovative products and impressive customer service.  As a B2C business, impeccable customer service remains of paramount importance to Fujifilm.  Over the last five years, our intelligent service management software, Smart, has been proudly supporting Fujifilm in achieving this company value by enabling and delivering exceptional customer service via a repair portal.

Client challenge

When a customer purchases a Fujifilm product, a comprehensive warranty package is provided to them at no extra cost.  In the unlikely event that the product develops a fault, the customer has historically been able to log a repair with Fujifilm’s service management system.  Fujifilm needed to replace their outdated and inefficient service management system following their decision to relocate this part of the business from the UK to Germany.  Zafire’s ability to track repairs meticulously throughout the repair journey thanks to our intelligent service management software, Smart, impressed Fujifilm’s European Service Manager, Mark Prentice, and he approached us to design a comprehensive, custom-made system, a ‘one stop shop’, capable of achieving exceptional customer service.

Our solution

We developed a customer portal which integrates seamlessly with Smart to enable every customer to track their product through each stage of any repair journey, regardless of whether or not the repair is covered under warranty.  The portal is highly configurable which means it can accommodate regional variations in key processes, such as payment upfront in the UK and payment upon delivery elsewhere in Europe.

Via the portal:

  1. The customer logs their repair themself by selecting from a menu which product they are sending in for repair.
  2. The customer is prompted to send the product to the appropriate service centre within Europe, depending upon the type of repair required. 
  3. The service centre is alerted to despatch packaging to the customer for the return. 
  4. The customer is regularly updated on the progress of the repair and, if the repair is not covered under warranty, they are notified of the various options they have to proceed through the repair journey (e.g. have the product returned to them as is or pay for the repair themself).
  5. An online payment gateway enables the customer to pay instantly for any repairs not covered under warranty.


Both Fujifilm and its customers benefit from this agile software, the main benefits of which are:

  • Easy-to-use ‘one stop shop’.
  • Efficient processes.
  • Configurable processes.
  • Excellent analytics and reporting.


After a successful launch in the UK, Fujifilm has rolled out our software across Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, and the Nordic countries.  Next on the list are Iberia and Italy, and there are even plans to launch in France and Eastern Europe too.  The deployment of our intelligent service management software on a regionwide basis means that Fujifilm is able to provide a consistent level of customer service across Europe for any roving customer with a Fujifilm product: it’s the same impeccable level of service which is being provided regardless of where the customer is actually based.  As you can imagine, feedback from customers to date has been very positive indeed.

Impact on customer

Fujifilm was particularly impressed by Zafire’s ability to:

  • Grasp the requirements for the user experience, not just from a technical perspective but also from a broader, commercial perspective.
  • Recognise and address any issues or problems arising along the way with consistently robust and prompt support.
  • Develop an easy working relationship with Fujifilm where everyone speaks the same language and understands the commercial imperatives at stake.

Above all, however, the ability to provide the same software solution for each country’s service needs has been a gamechanger for Fujifilm: now that’s impactful indeed!

In the words of Mark Prentice, European Service Manager, Imaging Solutions Division, Fujifilm UK Ltd:

The Zafire portal provides our customers with an easy-to-use platform to register and track their repairs quickly.  We have installed the portal across ten EU countries and plan to add it across several more.  The Zafire Smart system used for back office allows staff to ensure the service management of customers’ products is swift and accurate, both for the customer and the business.

Since the portal was deployed, it has enabled almost 175,000 customer interactions, allowing Fujifilm to provide the highest levels of TLC not just to their customers’ products but also to the customers themselves.

For further information about our intelligent service management software, Smart, or to schedule a call with a member of the expert team at Zafire, email Lou Read, or call Lou on +44 (0) 1295 701 810.

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