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FirstRamp training camp at Zafire HQ: further enhancing the skills of our talented US friends at Worldwide Flight Services (WFS)

September 07, 2022
Caleb Cionelo, Manager, Operations Support & Technology, WFS.
Caleb Cionelo, Manager, Operations Support & Technology, WFS.

Members of our Delivery team recently hosted Caleb Cionelo, Manager, Operations Support & Technology, WFS, at Zafire HQ in Banbury, UK, for some face-to-face FirstRamp training. 

It’s always a pleasure to welcome customers in person to our headquarters but especially so in the case of WFS who came on board in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic when remote working was unavoidably the norm.  Last week, Caleb came to us from his hometown in New Mexico, USA, by way of a family gathering in Finland. Despite having to contend with the sleep deprivation that goes hand in hand not just with jet lag but also with parenting a 14-week old baby (congratulations Caleb!), he was full of enthusiasm for our aircraft turnaround solution, FirstRamp.

We asked Caleb what he likes most about FirstRamp and he gave us lots and lots of very positive feedback.  Here are the highlights:

  • Visibility across ground handling operations management for staff at every level of the organisation.
  • Robust system.
  • Solution scalability.
  • Detailed data.
  • Service standardisation.
  • Accurate invoicing.

WFS continues to work with Zafire on better billing integration and, in fact, some of the new features in our roadmap are ones that WFS requested, so it’s a win-win partnership.

We were particularly thrilled to hear how Caleb and his team at WFS had provided one of their customers with access to their ground handling management operations so that the customer could see WFS and FirstRamp in action, and this had proven to be a very positive experience for all concerned and had further enhanced WFS’s relationship with that particular customer.

A big thank you to Caleb for taking time out of his busy training schedule to share his enthusiasm for FirstRamp! It was lovely to meet you Caleb who, as one might expect, has been an Aviation enthusiast from a very young age and loves to travel, especially to the Virgin Islands and Honolulu where WFS also happens to operate. Safe travels Caleb!

To find out more about our cutting-edge Global Aviation Software Solutions, including FirstRamp, email Lou Read, or call Lou on +44 (0) 1295 701 810.

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