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What our clients say


“Our employees will have access to information anywhere they work, and will be guided through the turnaround process for ensuring correct delivery and more personal relationship with performance and daily operations”

André Østli, IT Director

“Everyone works in the same system, which gives us great transparency and accuracy from planning and operation to billing and analytics.”

Menzies Aviation

“Zafire has worked with us for many years in cargo and more recently in baggage management systems.  Zafire’s people are experienced professionals.  In baggage, they have helped us to deploy our Right Bags on-board BRS system.  It is real-time alert and trigger enhanced and our airline customers access it through the web!  When coupled with Menzies’ quality handling services, RBOB allows us to deliver far higher quality baggage transfer and loading to our customers than any competitor in the marketplace.”

Stephen Koller, Global IT Director

“FirstBag allows us to deliver far higher quality baggage transfer and loading to our customers than any competitor in the marketplace.”

Unisys Pty Australia Limited

“We have been more than satisfied. The support from Zafire in the implementation process has been well beyond that which we normally experience from suppliers. The persistent, single-minded determination of the Zafire team to ensure the success of the FirstBag implementation has been remarkable.”

Jon Lilley, Engagement Manager

Airline Representatives of Australia Inc. (BARA)

“This baggage reconciliation system assists our member airlines to collectively meet compulsory security requirements for baggage handling.  What’s more, it does so via an efficient, standardised process to prevent delays to passenger processing or tight flight schedules – two things we know are essential for air-travel customer satisfaction.”

Warren Bennett, Executive Director of the Board


“Thank you for all of the efforts, commitment and professionalism that is the Zafire team…a fantastic relationship.”

“Once again a phenomenal product was delivered with outstanding support from the Zafire team, who assisted my team to deliver world first RFID technology for the domestic environment within Australia.”


“We took the decision to make the switch to FirstBag because of its feature richness, its ease of maintenance and our perception that the Zafire team was responsive and customer focused.  I can sincerely say that the implementation has been the best of many I have experienced in my working life and the high quality of the FirstBag product simply reflects that experience.”


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