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Vienna International Airport FirstBag success

Commendation of Zafire Aviation


This is a brief note to congratulate the team at Zafire Aviation for the superb job you have done on implementing FirstBag into Vienna Airport.

The project:

In 2014 Vienna Airport decided that a replacement BRS should be acquired and an important aspect in the selection of the new BRS was flexibility in the deployment of hand held devices (HHDs). Alongside several other essential items for Vienna Airport, Zafire were able to meet such demands and as a result of this joined forces to deliver a very successful end result.

The project was delivered on-time and to budget with the first flight, People’s Viennaline, being processed on the 1st June 2015 and other flights being processed very quickly after that once the baggage room staff had become familiar with the new interface

some favourable quotes from our baggage teams:

One baggage handler commented that FirstBag “is much faster and easier to user on the HHD”

VIE’s Baggage centre Manager, “It’s just unbelievable how much the new BRS Firstbag can do”

We took the decision to make the switch to FirstBag because of its feature richness, its ease of maintenance and our perception that the Zafire team was responsive and customer focused.

We have been more than satisfied. The support from Zafire in the implementation process has been well beyond that which we normally experience from suppliers. The persistent single-minded determination of the Zafire team to ensure the success of FirstBag implementation has been remarkable.

I would be pleased to relay our experience to any potential Zafire client


Johannes Smejkal Director Weight & Balance / Operations bei Flughafen Wien AG


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