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AAA BRS Project, Unisys Australia Pty Limited

UnisysCommendation of Zafire Aviation

This is a brief note to congratulate you, Jonathan and the team at Zafire Aviation for the superb job you have done on implementing FirstBag in the eight international gateway airports in Australia.

A complex undertaking in its own right, bearing in mind that the service is taken by 40 plus airlines, the exercise was greatly complicated in that Unisys already had in place a BRS service using different software.

The task facing us was to;

a) Ensure there was no loss of any existing functionality

b) To operate side by side with the existing software in a progressive implementation of FirstBag

We are now well progressed in the implementation, and everything has gone far more smoothly than we had a right to expect. There has been no loss of service at all, and the customers are delighted with the ease of use and the greater functional richness of FirstBag. So much so that we have had enquiries from some carriers in regard to taking FirstBag to some of their overseas ports.

We took the decision to make the complex switch to FirstBag because of its feature richness, its ease of maintenance and our perception that the Zafire team was responsive and customer focused – very important as we look into a reasonably uncertain future around security.

We have been more than satisfied. The support from Zafire in the implementation process has been well beyond that which we normally experience from suppliers. The persistent, single minded determination of the Zafire team to ensure the success of the FirstBag implementation has been remarkable.

I can sincerely say that this implementation has been the best of many I have experienced in my working life, and the high quality of the FirstBag product simply reflects that experience.

I would be pleased to relate our experience to any potential Zafire Clients.

Yours sincerely
Jon Lilley, Engagement Manager, AAA BRS Project, Unisys Australia Pty Limited

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