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Read why Wideroe Ground Handling, Norway’s largest ground handling service provider, chose FirstRamp

FirstRamp is the most comprehensive cloud based aircraft turnaround planning, servicing, resource and fleet optimisation and business intelligence reporting application specifically designed for the management of high volume and time critical tasks. It ensures ground crews are better prepared for flight jobs and boarding events, facilitating SLAs with billing compliance and minimising the risk of financial penalties.

Data is seamlessly shared between the back office and mobile applications. Back office systems provide cost control, operational visibility and comprehensive reporting for managers while powerful intuitive easy to use mobile solutions keep ground crews, service teams and fleet personnel instantly up to date.

System configuration is quick and efficient and the control of data recording requirements is easy.  With the ability to design your own processes, react immediately to internal or customer driven change requirements, specifying what data to capture at every step of the process in the mobile application.

FirstRamp provides an end-to-end solution – View FirstRamp features overview

Allows us to deliver far higher quality baggage transfer and loading to our customers than any competitor in the marketplace.”
- Menzies Aviation

0.5Mflights managed every year

Business Benefits

Increases cost saving potential through optimised resource planning and accurate automated billing processes
Improves performance with access to up to the minute information on turnaround times, staff and team SLA conformity
Reduces turnaround delays and associated financial penalties whist enhancing passenger service
Enhances management reporting capabilities with advanced data capture and business intelligence for improvement activities
Reduces system implementation costs - a scalable solution with straightforward and swift implementations accessible anywhere in the world

Operational Benefits

Manage turnaround tasks efficiently & effectively
Full service capture and tracking capabilities
Fleet management optimisation
Complete resource and planning capabilities
Create accurate invoices & reduce time to billing
Provides a fully interactive customer experience
Innovative data analysis and business insight
Ensure maximum contract and asset value is always achieved
Efficient and stream-lined inventory and stock management

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