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Passengers with Reduced Mobility

Request a demoA mobile solution for efficient management of planned and ‘on the fly’ jobs relating to passengers with reduced mobility (PRM)

With our feature rich mobile application PRM jobs are communicated accurately and swiftly to ensure specific ETAs are met. The back office system monitors and manages assets and resources as well as SLA performance data in real time.

Since the introduction of European legislation in 2006, there has been a legal obligation to ensure the needs of PRM passengers are met.  With the number of global PRM passengers increasing year on year it’s essential PRM jobs are communicated accurately and swiftly to all involved, reassuring the passenger their requirements are being handled with minimal fuss.

Managers want access to intelligent reporting for trend analysis and continuous improvement.  Planners require instant visibility in order to optimise the resources and assets available and agents want intuitive mobile applications to complete jobs quickly and efficiently.

Paper dockets, radios and disparate software systems just don’t cut it anymore."

- Zafire

Oneagent manages 80,000 PRM tasks per year

Passenger Benefits

Improved engagement with PRM passengers, enhancing their overall experience
Efficient management of ‘pre-planned’ PRM passenger needs, reducing queues around the airport and maintaining passenger flow for all customers
Enhanced efficiency - a passenger's needs can be booked within seconds identifying all the resource requirements needed with a single click
Reduction in the number of PRM jobs completed outside of SLAs from effective and optimum use of manpower and resources

Operational Benefits

Integrates seamlessly with back office operations - all data is stored for future reporting including a complete audit trail of every job
Colour-coded alert system provides instant visibility to 'on job' status and ‘hot jobs' in danger of missing SLAs
Intuitive ‘Resource Planning’ screen manages both assets and resources, including the availability and skills of each agent
Agents receive and accept each job on their handheld device, recording progress at each stage
A suite of reports and dashboards provide management reporting on progress and, more importantly, performance data for airlines

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