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Fully Integrated Mobile Fuel Planning Solution

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FirstFlight is a mobile application that enables real-time fuel and flight planning and the ability to make changes from the flight deck, pre-departure

FirstFlight has been developed with feedback from pilot focus groups on both functionality and navigation. Now utilised in 60 airports – over 500 pilots use FirstFlight – on 300 flights a day. As well as planning efficiencies, FirstFlight enables offline recording of fuel usage at all waypoints during the flight, which helps to highlight excessive fuel usage and provides post-flight data for statistical analysis and further optimisations.

FirstFlight brings together the most commonly used planning and resource tools, including: Fuel Planning, Weather, Radar, NOTAMs (with sorting functionality), Flight Information, Rostering & Duties and Fuel and Flight Summaries.

This is the next phase of flight planning technology, and one step closer to a paperless flight deck.”

- Qantas

+500Pilots use FirstFlight on 300 flights per day

Business Benefits

Fully mobile solution for centralised fuel planning
Integrates fuel planning with rostering, FIDS, weather and radar
Weather information is aligned with individual flights
Offline mode allows full access to detailed information and weather maps
In-flight logging of fuel usage at individual waypoints including take-off and departure

Operational Benefits

Fuel benefits realised with more accurate planning
Pilots can plan fuel whilst mobile, reduces time spent in the crew room
Fully integrates with third party Flight Planning systems
In-flight warnings when fuel usage is excessive
Post flight fuel usage data available for analysis of trends and patterns to help improve on efficiencies

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