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Transfer Optimisation

Web-based and mobile software solution for the complete interline bag management process

Allowing prioritisation for the efficient control of baggage transfers between inbound and outbound terminals. Our Transfer Optimisation module improves the efficiency and accuracy of baggage movement, vehicle tracking and resource planning, minimising the impact on service levels.

Zafire’s solution utilises industry standard Bag Service (BSM) and Bag Manifest (BMM) Messaging, combined with the latest in mobile technology and web-based, back-office solutions, to deliver critical information to the right people at the right time.

With the total number of scheduled passengers forecast to rise, the need to maintain service levels whilst coping with the increase in capacity remains a key focus of the Aviation industry.

We took the decision...because of its feature richness, its ease of maintenance and...that the Zafire team was responsive and customer focused." - Unisys

48%of the 26m delayed bags in 2012 were bag transfers

Business Benefits

Reduction in delayed flights and associated financial penalties
Minimsed risk of mis-connected bags and repatriation costs with immediate notification of time-critical ‘hot’ bags
Resource and vehicle optimisation with live tracking across the entire airport
Enhanced performance - automatically rerouting drivers and vehicles, with escalation and override functionality for managers
Improved customer service ensuring the passenger is reunited with their luggage as soon as possible

Operational Benefits

Manage time-critical ‘hot’ bags that need priority unloading and identify ‘dead’ bags that need re-flighting
‘Bag Journey’ screen shows the recorded process of any bag across the airport at any time
Automated alerts communicate with inbound and outbound airlines as well as baggage handlers and managers
Live SLA dashboard reporting including resilience, performance and efficiency metrics
Easy to use driver screens with up to minute information including countdown to departure, ongoing load monitor, bag status per trip and SLA performance for each journey

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