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Baggage Management

End-to-end single source baggage tracking and monitoring solution. With comprehensive reporting, dashboards and alerts delivering real-time global visibility across your entire baggage operation.„

Zafire’s Baggage Management solution brings real innovation. New customers are not restricted by legacy applications and systems. Zafire is flexible enough to review new business requirements and enhance its solution to meet the emerging operational needs of its customers, thereby meeting the unique demands of airports and airlines, now and into the future.

Zafire has worked with us for many years in cargo and more recently in baggage management systems."
- Menzies Aviation

60airlines and 47 airports around the world use our software

Business Benefits

Maximise productivity and efficiency across daily operations
„„Instant access and generation of business critical performance data
Historical analysis of performance patterns and trends to drive future improvement

Operational Benefits

Comprehensive reporting, dashboards and alerts delivering real-time global visibility
Intuitive web-based solution requiring minimal training
Instant access and visibility to operational data aiding response times and critical decisions

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