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Baggage Management & Reconciliation System

Request a demoFirstBag is Zafire’s globally used web-based, bag management and reconciliation application which provides real-time information for airports, airlines, and ground handlers

REQUEST A DEMO 753-flashNew legislation and safety rules have significantly changed security guidelines, with airports, airlines and ground handlers alike all playing an essential role in ensuring compliance and passenger safety.

With a full understanding of current and emerging requirements we are continuously developing FirstBag, an IATA standard product, merging previously disparate time consuming and labour intensive processes with a streamlined solution to reduce costs, drive operational efficiencies and enhance passenger services.

I can sincerely say that the implementation has been the best of many I have experienced in my working life and the high quality of the FirstBag product simply reflects that experience.” - Unisys

45mbags reconciled through our software every year, and growing!

Business Benefits

Dramatic reduction in security incidents with full passenger & bag tracking visibility and automatic status alerts to baggage handlers
Improvement in bag reconciliation performance targets and reduced cost of reuniting passengers with lost bags
Enhanced passenger service with a seamless travel experience and reductions in lost and mishandled bags
Instant Access – software can be accessed via Internet using secure HTTPS and/or intranet

Operational Benefits

Enhanced operational efficiency with full integration and real-time data sharing between previously disconnected systems
Intuitive design requiring minimal staff training
Full audit trail of all actions
Reporting and analysis features for critical task management
Instant visual overview of the loading progress of all open flights, including the percentage of bags that have been loaded, the flight destination and departure time, and flights that have unprocessed alerts

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