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Passenger Processing

Preparing today for tomorrow’s passenger

Did you know that the three key areas that Passengers remember about their journey are the timeliness of check-in, the services offered prior to boarding, and bag retrieval at their final destination?

For us, a passenger’s utopia is a calm, functional and aesthetically pleasing environment that reduces the stress of international travel. However, no matter how pleasant the environment, if waiting times are excessive, bags are frequently misconnected and flights are delayed, chances are the passenger is not a happy traveller.

We know ‘improved passenger experience’ and ‘enhanced passenger processing’ are key drivers for IT investment in the Aviation industry. The challenge is how to continuously improve these services in line with expectations whilst handling the rise in passengers, staying competitive, reducing operational costs and driving efficiencies.

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Passenger information systems

For the passenger, investing in technology they are familiar with and comfortable in using is essential.

Mobile applications will play a pivotal role in providing cost effective solutions to deliver on demand information directly to passengers such as instant flight updates, past flight history and baggage location. RFID technology to enable self-tagging and self-check in solutions to reduce queues and waiting times are all on the verge of being standard practice.


Business benefits and operational improvements

Operationally, this means intelligent systems to automate, integrate and share data with all involved.

  • Enhanced passenger experience through innovative ‘customer communication strategies’
  • Maximised non-aero revenues from maintaining passenger flow
  • Reduced queues at check-in and increased speed of passenger processing
  • Improved competitive advantage from adopting the latest innovations, thereby attracting new passengers as well as retaining ‘frequent flyers’
  • Reduced security risk despite the increased number of passengers

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