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Business Solutions Team

A standard aviation software project implementation has your IT supplier working with you from the point of engagement to delivery.

Zafire’s Business Solutions Team will work with you from much earlier in the process, supporting your initial strategic decision and drive for change. And we stay with you much longer, establishing relationships that keep delivering improvements in process and therefore performance.

We work through analysis to a business case and then continue to work with you through delivery and into continual improvement, using workshops and user forums to enhance and deliver improved experiences for your users an your customers.

Transforming your Business

We work with you to transform your business and offerings, and our software is designed to make it easy for you to implement and measure those changes. We collaborate with you from very early on in your strategic process to help identify:

  • The critical processes behind your strategic goals
  • The key outputs required by your strategic goals
  • The critical success factors in achieving those goals
  • The key inputs
  • The key outputs

Flexible Approach

Our approach is to work with you, offering services that utilise our skills and years of industry expertise to add value to more areas of the project lifecycle and to enhance your project outcomes and decrease the time to realisation of ROI.

It is a flexible approach that our clients can take advantage of as much or as little as required to complement their project requirements and is designed to:

  • Formulate realistic business cases and requirements that will identify required benefits
  • Ensure the quality of the implementation by addressing people, processes and technology
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Transfer knowledge and skills
  • Ensure project success

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