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The aviation industry is undergoing and will continue to undergo immense pressures for change and adaptation.

There is an on-going and pressing need to meet the demands and opportunities of change with refreshed and renewed strategic IT decisions. Zafire is working within the industry to introduce tools to enable all users to share and view the same information globally. Systems become more integrated and the key challenge is how to maintain a uniquely easy and straightforward user experience at the coal face whilst providing on the spot decision critical information and tools at management and planning levels.

Consequently aviation companies – ground handlers, airlines, airports, FM services, baggage handlers – bring many stakeholders with diverse user requirements to the table. Change must encompass these in the process, people’s behavior and technology in order to bring about sustainable transformation.

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Driving forces for change

The driving forces for change come from all directions:

  • Rising passenger numbers
  • Rising air traffic numbers
  • Rising cost of fuel
  • Changes to legislation
  • Competitor pressure
  • Changing technology
  • Terminal construction
  • Airport access change

Risk to any IT implementation

It is this varied requirements and multiple driving forces for change that brings most risk to any IT implementation. Failure to understand and manage the impact of those changes exposes aviation companies to the single most frequent point of failure in a new IT system implementation. Zafire recognises and understands these risks and can work with you from the formulation of strategy through to the delivery of continual improvement.

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