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Airports of the Future

By 2025 we see the airport landscape evolving dramatically, almost unrecognisable from what passengers are experiencing today. For airport staff this means a huge shift in the optimisation of passenger processing; both in terms of baggage handling and in the day-to-day operations involved in the efficient, profitable and competitive running of an airport.

For us, a passenger’s utopia is a calm, functional and aesthetically pleasing environment that reduces the stress of international travel. We are already seeing evidence of this shift with large modernisation and expansion projects in airports around the world. However, no matter how pleasant the environment, if waiting times are excessive, bags are frequently misconnected and flights are delayed, chances are the passenger is not a happy traveller.

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The environment is changing

We believe the airport environment plays a key role in gaining competitive advantage - enticing passengers through the doors time and time again and as a result influencing airlines’ decisions on where to fly to and fly from.

This is where Zafire’s solutions can make a real difference, and why now is the time to get on board. As one of the leading providers of intelligent airport solutions around the world, Zafire is renowned for using cutting-edge technology to constantly develop new and innovative solutions to handle your exact requirements and provide the scope for future enhancements.

Technology is pivotal

Our market research, experience and feedback from our global client base has shown us that major IT investments over the next ten years will focus on:

  • Improving customer service through new communication channels and technology to deliver innovative competitive services e.g. self check-in, and auto parking
  • Baggage optimisation to reduce repatriation costs and delayed flight penalties
  • Improving passenger flows to increase non-aero revenues
  • Modernising IT infrastructures to cater for CDM solutions, sharing real-time information, common user data formats and business intelligence across all operations
  • Mobilising the workforce with simple mobile and tablet applications to improve efficiencies and reduce operational costs
  • Investment in dynamic cloud based solutions providing a platform for future-proofed solutions to handle the increase in capacity and expectations

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