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Flying into the Future

It’s fair to say that it’s not been an easy few years for airlines. Rising fuel prices and a fragile economy have both played a part in creating an extremely turbulent yet highly competitive environment.  However, this doesn’t seem to have impacted future plans when it comes to IT investment.

When talking with our clients around the world, image, brand and reputation remain high on the agenda. Innovations to provide a differential service to customers and gain that all-important competitive advantage, as well as to increase premium and ‘frequent flyer’ numbers, is also firmly on the radar.

As our global reach extends we are seeing more and more airlines looking to improve global baggage performance and interoperability across airlines, airports and ground handlers to enhance the passenger experience and operational performance.

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Helping airlines take flight

Data integration and system consolidation are challenges that frequently emerge. With some airports running more than 50 disparate systems, it’s almost impossible to share information with customers and update critical tasks amongst airport staff.  With this comes an increased risk of waiting times, misconnected bags and delayed flights - all of which have huge costs and penalties associated, not to mention the impact on the airline’s reputation.

Investing in the future

It’s no surprise then, that airlines’ major IT investment projects are focusing on:

  • Cloud-based solutions and mobile applications to improve communication channels
  • System integration to improve speed and accuracy where real-time data can be shared instantly
  • Enhancing passenger experience through innovative communication channel

Performance dashboards and business intelligence to manage corrective and preventative actions driving continuous improvement programs

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